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All there is

(featured image credit: Mikepaws) “None so blind as those who will not see” At the end of last year, Britain’s Royal Statistical Society invited, for the first time, their members and the general public to nominate their favourite statistic. In the … Continue reading

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When what we don’t see starts to matter

(credit for featured image: PeteLinforth/Pixabay) Why were so many people so shocked when Donald Trump got elected?  Did you ever, as a child, imagine that the part of the world behind you, outside your field of vision, the bit you couldn’t … Continue reading

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Fooled by a Sign

(Credit: geralt/Pixabay) Percentages can be deceptive and misleading Do you remember learning about fractions at school? You had only just kind of mastered working with whole numbers, when they got broken up, and the intuitive rules simply didn’t work anymore. … Continue reading

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