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Dissonance in human nature

How do we resolve the inevitable perceived contradictions in the traits of the people around us? In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey relates how he was riding on the New York subway one Sunday morning. The … Continue reading

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When what we don’t see starts to matter

(credit for featured image: PeteLinforth/Pixabay) Why were so many people so shocked when Donald Trump got elected?  Did you ever, as a child, imagine that the part of the world behind you, outside your field of vision, the bit you couldn’t … Continue reading

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The patterns of your mind

We can’t resist seeing significance, causality and agency where there is none Brussels, Monday 22 May 1967: a spring day marred by a chilly drizzle. Two days ago, my best friend had got a new pair of shoes, but there … Continue reading

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