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Pricing under pressure

(featured image credit: Alex W) Should morality, rather than the market, dictate the right price of goods and services in emergency situations? In his book Misbehaving, behavioural economist Richard Thaler relates an interesting experiment he conducted with Daniel Kahneman and Jack … Continue reading

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A cocktail of biases

(featured image: delo) Jumping to conclusions – the easiest kind of exercise, especially on a Sunday morning I learned three things this week: two things I didn’t know, and one thing I did know, but regularly seem to forget. All of … Continue reading

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An accidental behavioural economist on holiday

(featured image credit: Stocksnap) (Behavioural) economics lenses don’t stop working when you’re on break, it seems It is sometimes said that “economics is the study of human behaviour”. (A Google search of this exact phrase produces over 30,000 hits, so … Continue reading

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