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Your trade-offs are a window to your soul

In the eyes of others, we are what we do How do you know what people think? What they are really like? Despite advances in neuroscience, we still cannot determine with any precision or accuracy what complex processes happen in … Continue reading

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Trading values

What we buy or don’t buy reflects our values, whether we like it or not (featured image: mwewering/pixabay) Savvy consumers – aren’t we all? – are always concerned with getting value for money. We may not always do a full-blown analysis, … Continue reading


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When what we don’t see starts to matter

(credit for featured image: PeteLinforth/Pixabay) Why were so many people so shocked when Donald Trump got elected?  Did you ever, as a child, imagine that the part of the world behind you, outside your field of vision, the bit you couldn’t … Continue reading

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Uber’s shades of grey

(Featured image credit: 5chw4r7z/Flickr) Their logo may be black and white, but our thinking about Uber should not be Last week, an Employment Tribunal in London ruled that Uber drivers should not be treated as self-employed, but as workers, by … Continue reading

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