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The dark side of nudging?

(featured image: socialneuron) Are companies like Uber really into nudging for evil? In a recent New York Times article, the maverick taxi company Uber came under fire for “pulling psychological levers” to influence when and where their drivers work. A company … Continue reading

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Uber’s shades of grey

(Featured image credit: 5chw4r7z/Flickr) Their logo may be black and white, but our thinking about Uber should not be Last week, an Employment Tribunal in London ruled that Uber drivers should not be treated as self-employed, but as workers, by … Continue reading

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Save us from Commodification

Is increasing commodification a problem, and if so, can behavioural economics help avert it? Is the massive growth of the so-called sharing economy, typified by the likes of Uber and AirBnB, a sign of a trend towards a more closely … Continue reading

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